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Exterior House Painters in Dallas

TXP Paint offers professional house painting services, both interior and exterior. Getting the exterior of your home painted is a huge task that requires highly professional painters who understand the associated challenges. Our exterior house painters in Dallas are skilled, experienced and trained to take care of every small and big issue that are likely to crop up during an exterior painting job.

If you need to hire an exterior painter in Dallas, call us at (469)-716-4435. We will help you revamp the curb appeal and increase the value of your home with our exterior painting services in Dallas. Whether it is surface preparation, getting the color scheme right or performing a thorough inspection after the painting job, we know what it takes to make your project a complete success. We always provide a return estimate that would include a detailed breakdown of labor and material.

Professional exterior painters

It is never a good idea to start painting without preparing the exterior of your home if you want the paint to last long and get professional results. This may involve checking for issues like blisters, dirt build-up, alligator scales, cracks, mildew build-up, sagging and chalking, which are extremely common as the outside of your home is continuously exposed to weather elements. Using a poor-quality paint can also give rise to some of these issues. Sometimes painters don’t use primer before applying the paint coating. This can also lead to problems like peeling.

Our exterior house painters in Dallas understand that cleaning, repairing and eventually preparing the outside surfaces for painting is as crucial as the main job. Whether it is power washing, scraping, making the edges even by using a sandpaper or using the primer before painting wherever necessary, we never cut corners in preparation or in choosing high quality material for repair and painting.

Our Exterior House Painting Services in Dallas

  1. Power washing
  2. Sand & Scrape
  3. Full Surface Cleaning
  4. Stucco painting
  5. Roof painting
  1. Driveway painting
  2. Garage & Garage Door painting
  3. Deck & Fence Painting
  4. Shed painting
  5. Wood siding painting
  1. Drywall repairing
  2. Shutters painting
  3. Gutter painting
  4. Staining

Why Choose TXP Paint?

  1. Licensed and bonded painters
  2. Transparent pricing & no hidden costs
  3. End to end service from preparation, surface cleaning & painting
  4. Color consultation
  5. Affordable & reliable painting services

We are the experts who take pride in completing our projects in a timely manner and within budget. We believe in serving our community and promise quality, trust and an exceptionally high level of customer service. Call us today at(469)-716-4435 to get a free consultation and a free quote.

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