Preparing a surface before painting is one of the most important steps that can make or break your interior painting job. But what exactly goes into surface preparation? Is it just about removing dirt and grime from surfaces? Well, professional painters attach a lot of importance to proper surface preparation that includes cleaning, standing, repairing and priming the walls before applying a coat of paint.

How do interior home painters prepare surface before painting?

  1. Cleaning the walls to remove dirt, dust, grime or oil build-up. This is usually done using warm soapy water.
  2. Getting rid of mildew by with the help of bleach and water.
  3. Patching damages like cracks and nail-holes by applying a spackle compound.
  4. Sanding or scraping the walls to take care of blotchy and uneven surfaces. This particular activity also helps to fill and smoothen the gaps.
  5. Removing wallpaper with the help of a chemical or a steamer.
  6. Applying a primer before painting to hide surface irregularities and to create smooth surface for the paint job.

A well-planned and well executed surface preparation is the key to achieving success in your painting job. Our interior and exterior painters understand that techniques for preparing the surface typically vary from technician to technician.

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