Nearly all painting jobs require the use of a primer before paint application. But what exactly is a primer and why it is important to apply it before painting? A primer is a sticky kind of paint that when applied to a surface ensures that the paint sticks better. There are many other advantages of using a primer, such as better sheen and finish, and reduced risk of moisture seepage that can lead to peeling and blistering.

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using a high-quality primer.

  • Evens out the surface and makes the paint stick better
  • Improves paint stability and lifespan
  • Reduces the number of coats required
  • Prevents cracking, peeling and flaking of surface
  • Prevents moisture to seep into the surface, that can damage the paint
  • Makes it easy to paint over the surface with darker tones
  • Makes flaws less visible
  • Reduces risk of problems like efflorescence (white crystalline deposits)

What happens when you don’t use high quality primer? The paint won’t adhere very well to the surface. And your painter may have to apply additional coats to get the paint coverage your surface needs. It is evident that using a primer would help your painter create a smooth and even surface that is ready to receive a coat of paints with dazzling end results. It also makes the paint more durable for long lasting effect, and prevents issues like fissures and peeling to occur in the surface.

There are different kind of primers available in the market such as drywall primer, wood primer, stain-blocking primer and masonry primer, all with their specific uses and benefits. For example, primers with stain-blocking characteristics work really well to hide mold stains and even to block stubborn odors such as those coming from fire smoke. Some primers work best for interior paint jobs while others are more suitable for exterior painting projects or for areas with high moisture such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

It is important to note that it is not always necessary to use a primer before interior painting. Your painting contractor will assess the condition of your interior walls to check out for stains, patches or any other imperfections and help you make an informed decision on the kind of primer you need. If you have any questions about what primer to buy for your paint job, call TXP Paint at (469)-716-4435. Our skilled and knowledgeable painters in Dallas will be more than happy to answer your queries and help you pick the perfect primer that suits your requirements.